Dear colleagues, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st International conference «Landscape Science and Landscape Ecology: Considering Responses to Global Challenges» hosted by IALE-Russia and Lomonosov Moscow State University. Due to the restrictions induced by the Covid-19 pandemic the event will take place online. The Conference will open on 14 September 2020, its duration will depend on the number of submitted presentations. Online conference will follow the traditional pattern: parallel sessions will be organized along with the plenary talks; participants will be able to select presentations and switch between the sessions. Besides, online planform will give an opportunity to view all conference presentations, to create group chats and to communicate with authors of interest.  

Owing to prevailing uncertainty we could not open registration on the previously planned dates, and we must carry it out now at short notice. Registration is open at

Please note, that currently we need first to collect the names of the participants, the abstracts of presentations can be submitted later. We kindly ask you to register for the Conference by 20 May 2020 г.

The theme “Landscape Science and Landscape Ecology: Considering Responses to Global Challenges” gains special relevance in our days, since we all face unpredictable and unforeseen challenges which already have influenced our lives including the organization of our conference. But we believe that with your contribution we will make a full-scale scientific event with a balanced and interesting program!

We expect the conference will serve as a platform for the knowledge exchange about the landscape spatial organization, land cover dynamics, changes in ecosystem functioning, landscape resilience to natural and man-made disasters, such as wildfires, floods, droughts, biodiversity loss and pathogen outbreaks. We envision shedding light on the anthropogenic component of landscape change and the evolution of landscapes.

The special focus of the conference will also be on spatial sustainable landscape planning. For instance, we invite talks and fruitful panel discussions on how landscape science may address topics about land use efficiency, land sparing and sharing in the complex multifunctional land-use settings. We also invite talks on the connectivity of protected areas, their efficiency and resilience to existing challenges, but also on the potential coexistence of biodiversity conservation, recreation and other land use opportunities in nearby areas.

We also welcome presentations on the human perception of the landscape, such as the aesthetic value of natural and urbanized territories and how such perceptions could enhance non-material benefits from ecosystem services and the landscape as a whole.

 Please see the list of conference topics at