1. The International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) is a free association of regional interest and professional organizations that make up a communication platform for scientists, managers, planners and organizations thematically oriented to the issues of landscape ecology and related disciplines. The objective of IALE is to reinforce the position of landscape ecology as a scientific basis to analyze, plan and manage the landscape in the world-wide framework. IALE strengthens international collaboration and international relations within landscape ecology, namely in a form of scientific, pedagogic and communication activities.
2. IALE-Russia is a regional chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE). Members of IALE-Russia are always members of IALE International and there is no membership in IALE-Russia without membership in IALE International.
3. The seat of the IALE-Russia Association is: Lomonosov Moscow State University. Address: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, Leninskiye Gory 1, 119991, Moscow, Russia.
4. The working language of IALE-Russia is Russian. English is used for the purposes of international communication.
5. IALE-Russia is established for unlimited time.

6. IALE-Russia is a voluntary association of researchers and practitioners in the following topics: landscape science, landscape ecology, physical geography, biology, ecology, geology, socio-economic geography, landscape architecture, urban management, territorial and landscape planning, ecological management, environmental impact assessment, ecological examination.
7. The main activity of IALE-Russia is focused on the following purposes: 1) developing traditions of landscape science in Russia; 2) ensuring implementation of landscape-ecological approach to territorial planning; 3) organizing thematic working groups; 4) dissemination of comprehensive methods and technologies of field investigation, mathematical and physical modeling, remote sensing, GIS tools, humanitarian and other approaches to study of landscape and its components; 5) stimulating discussions in professional community concerning current and future trends and perspectives in landscape science and landscape ecology; 6) promoting exchange of information about current and finished basic and applied research in Russia and abroad focusing on natural, anthropogenic, economic and cultural drivers of landscape structure, dynamics, functioning and evolution; 7) organizing conferences, seminars, schools, workshops, competition of projects, and publications; 8) informing the researchers and students about upcoming conferences, new publications, current scientific projects, educational programs; 9) promoting cooperation between Russian professional community and IALE; 10) promoting dissemination of scientific insights into landscape within the society.

8. Membership in IALE-Russia is open to all persons in Russia interested in or active in the study or the application of landscape ecology. The categories of membership include: Regular members, Student members.
9. Regular Members: individuals that have paid an annual membership fee laid down by a decision of the General Assembly of the Association, and actively work in the discipline of landscape ecology or relative discipline or have a deeper interest in the discipline of landscape ecology and agree with the mission and objectives of the Association. Regular members of IALE-Russia can be citizens or residents of Russia – researchers in educational establishments, scientific institutions, public organizations, individual researchers and practitioners.
10. Student Members: Individuals that have paid a reduced annual membership fee laid down by a decision of the General Assembly of the Association and are currently registered as students at a recognized institution of higher education and whose membership application has been certified by the signature of an academic advisor, agree with the mission and objectives of the Association.
Student members have all the rights and privileges of Regular Members.
11. Membership in IALE-Russia is realized via filling application form and confirmation of membership by executive council.
12. The members of the Association have the right to: participate in the statutory activities of the Association; take part in the General Assemblies of the Association; vote and be voted into the Executive Committee; put forth proposals for statutory activity, statutes and Association authorities, be informed about the IALE-Russia activities and decisions of its authorities, be informed about IALE activity.
13. The members of the Association are obliged to: adhere to the Statutes; to participate in accomplishing the objectives of IALE-Russia; pay the membership fees in an agreed amount and by a set date
14. Membership in the Association terminates by: resigning from the Association according to a written statement; the non-payment of a membership fee within a term longer than 12 months.

15. Management and financial activity is guaranteed by the authorized division of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
16. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association which is convened by the Executive Committee at least once a year. If at least 50% of IALE-Russia ask for convening a General Assembly, the Executive Committee is obliged to do so within 90 days. The General Assembly and voting may be carried out during IALE-Russia conferences or, in well-founded cases between conferences, in an electronic way.
17. The principal matters that can be voted at the General Assembly are as follows: setting a plan of activities; voting and withdrawing the Executive Committee; approving the changes in Statutes; approving the annual report of the Executive Committee; approving the budget; approving the amount of membership fees; voting the Audit Committee; the termination of the IALE-Russia; current issues of main activities.
18. A relevant decision of the General Assembly has to be confirmed by the agreement of at least 50% of voting members of IALE-Russia.
19. Nomination of candidates to the Executive Committee of IALE-Russia can be made by any member of IALE-Russia. Nominations shall be delivered by ordinary mail or electronic mail to the Executive Committee and shall be consented to in writing by the signature of the nominee.
20. The ballots with the names of candidates for the Executive Committee or for voting other issues at the General Assembly are delivered to all members of the Association. The voting can be open or secret upon the decision of the General Assembly.
21. The Executive Committee governs the activity of the Association during the periods between General Assemblies.
22. The Executive Committee shall consist of 7-9 persons and is elected for the period of 4 years by the General Assembly. Voting on each member of the Executive Committee is valid if it is confirmed by a clear majority. The Executive Committee shall include the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer elected by the General Assembly.
23. The Executive Committee is the executive authority of the Association and is responsible for the realization of statutory activities of the Association. The Executive Committee is responsible for its activity to the General Assembly. The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year. The session may be
carried out in an electronic way without need for a physical meeting of the members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee constitutes a quorum if a clear majority of all its members takes part in it. The member of the Executive Committee may give up his/her mandate. The President of the Association is obliged to let vote on a substitutional member of the Executive Committee within 30 days.
24. The Executive Committee: elaborates proposals for the plan of main activities of IALE-Russia; approves proposals on the establishments of the working groups within the frameworks of the main activity, makes the decisions on membership in IALE-Russia and termination of membership; informs the members about the General Assembly; elaborates the agenda for the General Assembly; collects and discuss proposals on the changes in Statutes; elaborates application forms for memberships; establishes working commissions upon the necessity to solve particular questions of the main activity.
25. The Executive Committee is responsible for publishing Landscape Bulletin of IALE-Russia at least 4 times in a year and distributes in among the members of IALE-Russia.
26. The President represents IALE-Russia in IALE, conducts the main activity in accordance with objectives and purposes, coordinates the activity of the Executive Committee, controls the publication of IALE-Russia Landscape Bulletin, and signs the main documents.
27. The Secretary substitutes the President if necessary, keeps the membership records in IALE-Russia, coordinates cooperation between the Executive Committee and Lomonosov Moscow State University, controls financial expenditures, notify members of General Assembly and its agenda, keeps documentation of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee, conducts website of the Association.
28. The Treasurer sends notices of membership dues, receives
membership fees from the members of the IALE-Russia, submits the annual payment of Chapter dues to IALE, manages the budget and maintain the financial records, provides a financial statement to the Executive Committee and Audit Committee periodically, and to the General Assembly meeting.
29. The Audit Committee shall consist of two members to be elected by the General Assembly for the one year long period. The Audit Committee shall check the accuracy of the financial statements submitted by the
Treasurer and its compliance with the Statutes. The Audit Committee shall annually report in writing to the General Assembly on the performance of their duties. The meetings of the Audit Committee may be held in an electronic way without the physical meeting of its members. The member of the Audit Committee may give up his/her mandate in written form addressed to the President. The President of the Association is obliged to let vote on a substitutional member of the Audit Committee within 30 days.

30. The income of activity shall derive from: membership fees, donations, grants from Russian and international foundations and organizations.
31. The annual membership fee is established as 1500 rubles including the sum equal to 10 Euro as a regular IALE membership fee. The annual membership fee is proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly. A particular membership fee 50% is established for student members.
32. The Executive Committee is responsible for the annual payment established for the regional chapters by IALE.
33. Financial expenditures may include: research and applied projects, publication activities; organization of conferences and schools; educational projects; fellowships for IALE-Russia members for participation in conferences, educational and research projects; legal and organizational maintenance of IALE-Russia activities.
34. Moscow State University is responsible for financial transfers.

35. IALE-Russia may have its own symbols.
36. The activity of IALE-Russia may be conducted by ordinary mail, electronic mail, fax, skype, web social networks and other electronic tools.